Our Story

Natasha Dean isn’t just a fine jewellery brand. Natasha Dean is a classic love story – boy meets girl, girl works in fashion, boy is a jeweller, girl convinces boy to collaborate and make an affordable yet luxury fine jewellery brand... and with that, Natasha Dean was born.


Natasha was tired of the high mark ups she found on a lot of the high street brands and offered up her expertise in fashion and style – but most importantly, what women actually desire from a jewellery brand. Dean had the contacts and the manpower to fulfil this dream.


Together, Natasha Dean harmoniously brings you the ultimate quality, style and price. But this was not enough. As a young brand starting out sustainability is at the forefront of our values and that is why we have made our packaging out of recycled materials and all our jewellery is responsibly sourced and ethically crafted in the UK.


We believe that jewellery is special and should be loved and cherished forever – and that everyone deserves a little sparkle.